September Horoscopes 2022: Prepare for Mercury Retrograde

September Horoscopes 2022: Prepare for Mercury Retrograde

Soak in the last days of summer, because September is a transitional month. As we enter it, the Sun is in Virgo, an analytical sign that excels at “fixing” things. If our lives feel a bit off-kilter in any way, Virgo’s diligent nature is exactly what we need to get our lives back in order! Eating healthier, exercising, and organizing our lives is the vibe right now! 

The biggest astro-news of the month is Mercury going retrograde, so prepare for a month of transformation. Mercury will be pedaling backward from September 9 to October 2 and will visit two signs, Libra and Virgo. The first part of the retrograde (September 9 to September 22) will be about seeking balance within our most important relationships. The second (September 23 to October 2) will be very mental and will be about needing to change the different processes that keep our lives afloat. While Mercury retrogrades tend to be dreaded, they are incredibly useful times to slow down, rethink, and embrace transformation through deep introspection. 

An energetic shift occurs when the Sun enters Libra on September 22, heralding the arrival of the Fall Equinox. This day brings a perfect balance between day and night, a theme that will be mirrored within our lives over the month ahead. When you spot imbalances, make the necessary adjustments under the fortunate September 25 new moon. 

Find out what the month ahead has in store for your zodiac sign in the September horoscopes below!

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Work hard, play hard is your MO this month, Aries. For you, Virgo season tends to bring a big workload, but also opportunities for networking. If you’re considering dating someone you work with, just make sure that mixing business with pleasure isn’t risky, and that things won’t get messy. This is especially true around the September 10 full moon, when the tea could be spilled! 

For you, the first part of Mercury retrograde (September 9 to September 22) will be about redefining an important relationship. If you’re committed, renegotiating little things as well as big differences of opinion will be necessary, but could bring you closer together. And luckily, the September 25 new moon brings an opportunity for a new beginning. The second part of Mercury retrograde (September 23 to October 2) will be about rethinking your lifestyle and work routines so your life can function at its best in the season ahead. 


September’s vibe could feel a bit strange for you due to Venus, your ruling planet, being in Virgo for most of the month. Virgo is a bit too nitpicky of a sign for the goddess of love and pleasure, which could awaken your inner perfectionist. While September is definitely about “getting your act together,” remember to be gentle with yourself, especially when Mercury goes retrograde. This retrograde is bound to expose your flaws when it comes to wellness and work-life balance. 

The great news is that creativity will be highlighted for you during the first part of the month. So if life’s changes and hectic energy have been preventing your inspiration to flow, the Sun in Virgo until September 22 is a perfect opportunity to play and have fun! Once the Sun enters Libra, it looks like you will be pretty busy with work and new business projects for the next four weeks. 


With driven Mars in your sign, you’re feeling yourself, Gemini! You have an incredible amount of energy now, so you’re most likely getting a lot of stuff done. A career-related situation could hit a climax, or a project could come to an end around the September 10 full moon. If you need to make an important decision, wait a few days, as this lunation will be casting a spell on all of us. 

Your ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde this month, which means you are up for one of those reinventions you always go through, Gemini! For you, the first part of the retrograde (September 9 to September 22) will be more intense, as it happens in your sector of home and family. Something will have to change for you to feel more comfortable in your home—it could be a situation with your roommate or with your partner. Or perhaps you’re feeling the need to give your place a makeover! 


At the beginning of the month, you seem to be focused on a communication project, paper, or pitch—which could land you a well-deserved amount of money. And lucky you, because you get special help when asteroid Pallas enters your sign on September 6! Pallas rules wisdom and strategy, and has the special ability to unite intuition with reason. Until May 1, you are being invited to channel her wisdom, Cancer. 

Mercury goes retrograde first in your communication sector (September 9 to September 22), which might have you revise the work you’ve been focusing on. The second part of the retrograde (September 23 to October 2) could feel more intense, as it will be influencing your home and family sector. While tough conversations might occur, especially around the September 25 new moon, this retrograde will help you move with more ease once October 2 arrives. 


All things must come to an end, Leo. It’s now time to focus on balancing all the summer fun you’ve had! Asteroid Ceres has been in your sign since July 23, and as it prepares to spend its last month there (leaving September 29), you are being invited to take a cold, hard look at your eating habits. Drinking less and eating healthier food could go a long way now, Leo.

Money is also on your mind this month, as the Sun and Venus are activating your financial sector. You could be focused on making more—but you could also be spending it on pretty things or having fun! If big changes need to be made, Mercury’s retrograde here between September 9 and September 22 will assist you in analyzing your situation and coming up with a better budget that works for you!  


Happy birthday! You’re a more behind-the-scenes kind of soul but with the Sun and Venus traveling in your sign for most of the month, you’re feeling yourself! However, this birthday season has some lessons for you, brought to you by the one and only… Mercury retrograde! While the beginning of this event begins in your second house of money and finances, you are bound to feel it more intensely between September 23 and October 2 as it instigates you to reimagine the way you present yourself to the world. It’s reinvention time, Virgo!

On September 29, asteroid Ceres enters your sign, which is a vibration you love! Ceres really resonates with your health-focused and nurturing nature and from now until December 18, you will find it easier to convey your compassion. For the next few months, you might decide to seek more balance by addressing your physical needs and pampering yourself. 


You’re the star of the show this Mercury retrograde, as the thoughtful planet backpedals first in your sign from September 9 to September 22. Something doesn’t feel right about the way you express your individuality, and this event is here to help you find your voice, Libra! In order to do so, you will have to dig deep and seriously embrace introspection. You’re a people person, and you will soon find out certain people no longer resonate with the image you want to project onto the word—and that’s okay! Make some radical changes around the September 25 new moon, and don’t look back! 

The Sun enters your sign on the Fall Equinox, heralding a four-week period in which all eyes are on you! Set some intentions on this very special day to activate your powers of manifestation. By mid-October, you could really see some sweet results coming your way!


Good news, Scorpio! Uranus, the planet that has been creating so much change in your life, is now retrograde, which should feel like a relief. If friendships and partnerships (romantic and business) have been feeling erratic, things begin to mellow out in September. As this planet sleeps, you might have sudden realizations and aha moments about why certain things needed to change the way they did. 

This is also a month of dual energies, Scorpio. The cosmos will have you jumping between periods of deep introspection and days when you will be hustling the networking scene! Virgo season is about friendship and connection, but also the time of the year in which it is easier to get back in touch with your biggest hopes and dreams. As Mercury retrogrades, your dreams will become more vivid, and your spirituality gets a boost. Sink into this magic during the dreamy September 10 full moon, when synchronicities will be all around you. 


No last bit of summer fun for you, Sagittarius. Virgo season is all about work and big efforts—so if you’re not yet into the groove, it’s time to get started! Venus enters your career house on September 5, activating your visibility and amping up your charm around your bosses and peers. Mercury does go retrograde in this same sector, so do expect some misunderstandings or the need to revise projects. This could especially happen around the September 10 full moon. 

If drama is instigated within a social group during the first part of Mercury retrograde (from September 9 to September 22), try staying out of it. A blast from the past could also arrive now in the form of an ex—sure, have fun, but don’t make things “serious” until you know for sure it’s worth it. Either way, new and better friendships arrive at the September 25 magical new moon. 


The beginning of the month has you dreaming about other cultures, traveling, and escaping your regular day-to-day routine. Planning a trip could be the antidote, because, with most of the planets in retrograde motion, September likely won’t be a high month when it comes to productivity or revenues. This is especially true for you as Mercury goes retrograde in your career sector from September 9 to September 22. You will most likely need to readjust your workload and redo or revise projects. 

But at a deeper level, you will also be asked to rethink your career and life goals. While this is not a good time to look for a new job or launch a business, it is a favorable time to reconsider your career trajectory. Major epiphanies around this subject arrive under the magic of the Fall Equinox on September 22, so pay attention to the signs.  


Get ready for major blasts from the past, Aquarius. Both of your ruling planets, Saturn and Uranus, are now retrograde, slowing the pace of your life (phew)! This is a good thing, as life has been moving too fast, even for you! Add Mercury retrograde in your house of relationships from September 9 to September 22, and people from the past could come back for closure. If an ex shows back up, note the word “closure.” 

The energy does pick up a bit and get sunnier when the Fall Equinox arrives on September 22, activating your thirst for adventure and rich life experiences. A vacation—or at least a weekend getaway—could be the best medicine now. It’s been quite the year for your sign, so why not give yourself a pat on the back and book a trip to that exotic destination you’ve been dreaming of?!


September is an important month for you, Pisces! The Virgo Sun puts emphasis on your relationships, so you could be spending a lot more time with your people than usual. Improving your connections is your vibe now, and that is exactly what Mercury retrograde will help you do! Refining communication and renegotiating the boundaries and the give-and-take within your connections will be the norm starting September 9.  

The September 10 full moon occurs in your sign, bringing an important event or project to a climax and your once-a-year opportunity to abandon habits that no longer serve you. If you are in a committed partnership, there could be serious talks happening between you when the Sun enters Libra on the Fall Equinox. Alternatively, you could be focused on transforming an aspect of your life that is extremely important to you. 

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