August Horoscopes 2022 | Wit & Delight

August Horoscopes 2022 | Wit & Delight

As we get deeper into the summer season, we welcome August with an electrifying energy running through our veins. The theme of great and rapid change that has characterized 2022 picks up momentum, instigating us to break free from the old structures so we can begin embracing new and more exciting lifestyles. 

The Sun is burning bright in the skies of Leo, allowing us to shine by showcasing our creative gifts while embracing the birth of new ideas. With four planets and three asteroids in retrograde motion, these could very well be older ideas that are morphing into exciting new projects. 

This month’s full moon arrives on August 11 to bring unexpected events that could modify our course of action. Being open to new paths will allow us to embrace new opportunities, bringing a golden chance for liberation and abandoning the status quo. Once the Sun enters Virgo on August 22, it will show us a picture of what our new reality looks like, so pay attention to what comes up for you around this time. 

As we begin to integrate the change and acclimate to this new reality, the August 27 new moon in Virgo might make us hyperaware of the faults of our new plan. Working with this energy will mean fine-tuning, but it will also require the acceptance that not everything is perfect—or at least not yet, at this moment in time. 

Find out what the month ahead has in store for your zodiac sign in the August horoscopes below!

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You love Leo energy, as it activates your magnetism and thirst for fun and play. With three planets in this sign, you will get plenty of opportunities to create, enjoy your summer, and meet new people as well as possible romantic partners. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t detect any tangible growth. Remember, Jupiter is retrograde in your sign, and as the Leo planets activate it this month, August is more about do-overs and adjusting your strategy so your growth is realistic over the long term. 

A major shift in energy occurs on August 20, when Mars, your planetary ruler, enters Gemini. From this moment on, life becomes a little less unpredictable. Your curiosity will reach new heights and you might find yourself interested in learning new things or diving into new subjects. If you’ve been working on a communications-related project, the next few weeks are golden to make progress on it and maybe even launch it!


Life has been interesting, to say the least, Taurus. You have been getting some powerful lessons around fluidity, creativity, and letting go—and August will be no exception! Exercise all your learnings at the August 11 full moon, which could bring imminent change to your relationships. Abandoning old acquaintances and maybe even business dealings will make room for your light to fully shine, as you will find out once Venus, your planetary ruler, enters shiny Leo for the rest of the month. 

The days between August 19 and August 24 could brim with intensity as Mars leaves your sign and Uranus begins its retrograde in your sign. The good news is that you will close the month feeling more grounded as, thankfully, life becomes a little less intense and more predictable starting now. While a setback could suddenly appear at month’s end, don’t allow it to cloud the great accomplishments you have so far made this year.  


For you, Gemini, Leo season is busy and full of interesting exchanges as your sector of communication is brimming with activity. Perhaps you are working on a paper, a new project, or a creative pitch. Your ruler, Mercury, in Virgo from August 3 to August 25 is helping you stay put and focused on the details, which is quite helpful. However, know that August 21 brings confusion to the mix, so stay away from making any major decisions around this time.  

Mars enters your sign on August 20, injecting you with an incredible amount of energy and ambition. The planet of drive will remain in your sign for an unusual amount of time (until March 2023), due to an upcoming retrograde. Pay attention to the themes that come up for you around this time, as they could provide a glance at what you will be working with for the rest of 2022! 


Leo rules your second house of money, dear Cancer, so this is the time of year in which you could be focusing on growing your revenue or planning on requesting a raise. Money-focused Venus will be helping you out even more, starting August 11. If money is not your focus now, you could be feeling your personal values fluctuating to align with the energetic shift of our times. 

When Mars enters Gemini on August 20, a very significant and deep shift begins to occur. From now until March 2023, Mars will have you review all the unconscious behavior patterns that influence the way you assert yourself. From now on, you could decide to work more “behind the scenes,” have a more active dream life, and connect to your intuition by practicing astrology, Tarot, or hypnotherapy. Working with Mars during this long and significant transit could end up bringing a renaissance of your soul in 2023! 


Happy birthday, Leo! With a total of three planets in your sign in August, you’re enjoying being the center of attention, having fun, and reconnecting with your inner child! But this birthday season is different, as the planets are instigating you to get out of your comfort zone to make big life changes. It’s time to abandon the old and take a big risk—especially as the August 11 full moon illuminates new paths for your growth, both personally and professionally. This will require hard work and letting go, but it will be so worth it! 

The August 27 new moon urges you to plant the seed of a new financial strategy. As you set a new budget and align it with your career goals, give yourself a little wiggle room, as the way you make money will most likely go through another transformation in the fall, once Scorpio season arrives.  


For you, Virgo, Leo season means a time of introspection in which you are collecting information and getting in touch with your deepest desires in preparation for your birthday. Your intuition and dream life are super active, facilitating the arrival of important messages. Once your season begins on August 22, you will be ready to put your learnings into action as the Sun illuminates the way. 

This month’s new moon happens in your sign, bringing one of the best times of the year to set ambitious goals. As you set intentions, bringing more balance into your life should be a top priority and something you strive for. Driven Mars enters your career sector on August 20, where it will remain until March of 2023! This means that it will be crucial to establish a rest and self-care routine, so you don’t end up overworking yourself for the next six months. 


Strike a pose, Libra! Your planetary ruler, Venus, will be in Leo starting August 11, activating your need to be and feel seen. Starting now, your life will be brimming with social activity and maybe even opportunities to showcase your creative talents. This is not the time to hide in the shadows, as you could end up meeting someone who will boost the reach of your career or business. August 18 looks particularly auspicious for reaching out to someone or asserting yourself. 

Mercury enters your sign on August 25, delivering important messages and speeding up the communication processes and activity in many aspects of your life. This is the perfect time of the year to focus on any writing or negotiation activities that require eloquence and focus. Pay attention to what Mercury delivers during these last days of the month, as it will set the tone for what’s to come in September. 


Your sector of relationships has been under so much focus lately, which has made some connections a bit exhausting. When people get to you (most likely under the August 11 full moon), opt to focus on your career, Scorpio—because after all, Leo season always ignites your ambition to succeed. The good news is that Mars leaves your relationship sector on August 20, and four days later, Uranus goes retrograde, bringing more peace to your closest connections. 

On August 21, asteroid Vesta enters your home sector in retrograde motion, igniting your inner fire to nurture your inner child. From now until October 5, your devotion and dedication to your family and home life will deepen. And you might even see your interest to uncover information about your ancestral line deepen quite considerably. Vesta also rules spiritual devotion, making the next few months ideal to create a ritual space or new spiritual daily routine.


You seem to be working incredibly hard, Sagittarius, which might be making you feel like you’re missing out on enjoying life. This is especially true if you feel like you’re not making any progress—but remember that Jupiter, your ruler, is retrograde, which means that your growth will be more noticeable once it goes direct in November.  

If your schedule permits it, take a vacation before August 22, while the Sun is still in Leo. By exploring another country or at least a new place nearby, you will receive that jolt of energy that you need so much. Because once Virgo season arrives, your sector of career and public visibility receives a lot of focus. The Virgo new moon, which occurs on August 27, is ideal for setting intentions around the goals you would like to manifest in the rest of 2022 and even going into 2023. 


Leo season rules a sensitive area of your chart, Capricorn. If you have a partner, figuring out serious things like finances and money could be taking a big deal of your energy. Be mindful around the August 11 full moon, as this lunation brims with intensity. If you are single and meet someone new around this time, definitely wait to test the waters before getting too involved. 

The good news is that Virgo season is more up your alley, which arrives on August 22. The last days of the month are fabulous to plan a trip and explore a place you have always wanted to visit. This is especially true with driven Mars entering your sector of daily work on August 20, where it will remain for the rest of the year, meaning that this might be your last chance of 2022 to get the break you so deserve. 


One-on-one connections are taking a lot of your energy this month, Aquarius, as the Sun activates your seventh house of partnerships. If you have been working with a business partner or coach, the August 11 full moon brings things to a climax, and may even bring the manifestation of a project. As a result, exciting new people could be coming into your life.  

Vesta, the asteroid of spiritual devotion, enters your sign, reawakening your desire to work on yourself. It visited your sign earlier this year—from March 10 to May 24—and is bringing themes from earlier in the year back to be revised or reworked. Perhaps something that didn’t gel before can take form in the next few months. As you continue to reshape the way you interact with the world, Vesta will assist you in staying true to yourself, even if that means clashing with authority figures or people who would like to see you remain as you used to be. 


For you, Pisces, Leo season is about working hard and getting your life and all your routines working as best as they can. It’s a productive time, so use it as much as you can to fine-tune your health and life in general. In the case that you need to make changes, the August 11 full moon will send that message in the form of intuition hunches, so pay attention. 

On August 20, intense Mars enters Gemini, heralding a six-month period in which your home sector will be receiving a lot of energy. The themes that show up now could be very telling of what you will need to work on for the rest of the year and into 2023. House repairs, redecorating, or family activities will most likely require your attention. Alternatively, you could be interested in digging into your family history and even connecting more with your ancestral roots. 

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